Calibration Recommendation


Merlin II Automatic High Voltage Control, MSA7006 Control Board.

Calibration of the analog circuits of the control normally starts showing signs of drift after four to five years of operation. This drift may be accelerated with higher operating temperatures.

Insuring operation of the control within this drift window, the control should be calibrated every two to three years. Under severe conditions, operating temperatures consistently above 120E F , calibration is recommended every one to two years.

The calibration may be performed on site, or the boards may be returned for calibration.

FMDK Technologies Inc provide calibration services traceable to the National Bureau of Standards. This service is available on site.

FMDK Technologies Inc. Repair, Parts and Merlin services are the only OEM authorized (BELCO) facility. The procedures and bench service fixtures have been purchased by FMDK and are all from the Merlin original equipment supply, testing and certification.

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