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Pollution Controls (We no Longer support NEW PRODUCTS or Field Service Advisors)

 We now only support repairs and spares for our existing customers equipment

Vacation Schedule 2018  Note: We will be closed July 9 to 13th and July 23rd to 27th

CAM Plan / Title V Reporting / RAM System

Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM) Plan for those with Merlin Control systems or others. Report Acquisition and Monitoring system (RAM). Works with all types of controls. Why replace the whole control system for Title V? 


Truck Enthusiast Products (Discontinued, Speed Wiz Technology for sale contact us)

 Link to product information still available

Environmental Control systems

Pollution Control systems for Power Plants, Garbage Incinerators, Smelting plants, and others.

Custom Software

Automatic fuel switching, data acquisition and management.


Read about our calibration recommendations.

Product Support

Support for all Merlin II controls, and technical assistance.

Belco Repairs

Repairs for Merlin / Belco equipment. We are a Licensed Belco PC Board distributor.

Field Service

Field service is available, electro-mechanical technicians and engineers with many years experience are available.

Process Controls

FMDK has control system experience. Micro controller systems provide an easy way to control just about anything.

Light Rail Vehicles

Experience in Light passenger rail braking systems. 


Pictures of New Jersey

Pictures  of the "Garden State"


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