Field Service

Electrical / Mechanical Inspections

Inspections of equipment to make sure everything is in running properly and effectively.

Control Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Diagnostics and troubleshooting of all makes and models of controls. Our field service staff has seen, worked with and repaired virtually all types of controls.

AHV, Rapper, and CMS Installation and Setup

Don't hassle with setting these items up on your own. Our field service staff is trained and qualified to make the installation go smoothly.

Repair / Rebuild Supervision

Our staff has good leadership qualities. Crews of persons have been run successfully on many rebuilds.

Custom Tailored On and Off Site Training Seminars

Training available for site engineers and technicians

Consulting Services

Speak with somebody who has the experience to make it work effectively. Effectiveness means dollars for the plant.

Experience with all electrostatic Precipitators

 has control system experience. Micro controller systems provide an easy way to control just about anything.


KG 9-1-06

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