Training Seminars

FMDK offers on-site, customized training seminars for our clients to address specific needs and topics.  Our training includes customer-specific training materials and handouts with course objectives established in advance with client approval.  Topics include process overview, equipment details, controls background and programming, troubleshooting, inspections and ongoing maintenance.  A typical outline of an on-site Training Seminar is presented below:


Electrostatic Precipitator Training Course

 Power Boiler Precipitators



MerlinÒ Controls – FMDK Technologies, Inc.

Summary Of Training Course

Precipitator Training in 5 Parts, Focus on:

  • Fundamentals
  • Controls
  • Maintenance and Inspections
  • Troubleshooting


Part 1 – Precipitator Fundamentals

  • Terminology and Merlin’s Abridged Dictionary
  • Basic Theory and Operating Principals
  • Internal Components
  • External Components

Part 2 – Precipitator Controls – What They Do and How They Do It

  • Automatic High Voltage Controls (AHVC)
  • Rapper Controls

Part 3 – Precipitator Controls, Hands-On

  • What Am I Looking At?
  • What Does It Mean To Me?
  • What To Change and Not Change Affecting Performance.
  • Normal and Abnormal Readings.
  • Alarms and Their Meanings, Active and Passive.

Part 4 – Maintenance and Inspections

  • General Maintenance External & Discussions
  • Hands-On External Inspection
  • Detailed Maintenance
  • Internal Inspections

Part 5 – Troubleshooting

  • Overview of Precipitator Problems
  • Why ESP’s Sometimes Fail to Achieve Their Performance Objectives
  • Troubleshooting Flow Chart


Merlin Controls -  FMDK Technologies, Inc.