Consulting Services

Based upon FMDK’s 50 plus years of collective Precipitator experience we offer our customers selective Consulting Services.  Generally these services begin with our Electrical/Mechanical Inspections defining the problems and recommending solutions.  ESP math models are employed and compared against our extensive database to offer end users performance improvement evaluations.  Often this involves recommending available mechanical components from qualified suppliers well known to our technicians.  We can provide design specifications, bid packages and evaluations, budgetary estimates and, schedules as a cost effective alternate to a turnkey supplier.  

Below is a partial summary of completed Consulting Services for an ESP Rebuild:

 Merlin Controls – FMDK Technologies, Inc.

Power Boiler Precipitator

Rebuild of Fields 3 and 4 - Construction Work Scope/Procedures & Budget Pricing


Work Scope

1        Remove and Replace Collecting Electrodes, Suspension Beams, Hanger Bolts, lower alignment spacer bars and Discharge Electrode Wires in the second two 6’ x 30’ fields in direction of gas flow No. 3 and 4.

2        Align Discharge Electrodes to Collecting Electrodes to within ½” in Fields No. 3 and 4.

3        Remove and recondition the Collecting Electrode Rapper rods where they attach to the CE Suspension Beams.

4        Repair all Discharge Electrode Tensioning Weight’s “hooks” that are electrically eroded in the entire Precipitator.

5        Airload testing of all fields to insure good power levels.

6        Complete all work within a 23-day outage without Sunday work (20 working days).

7        Startup and controls tuning services.


Detailed Construction Work and General Procedures for Precipitator Repairs

A.    Client will supply all Field Labor, Consumables, Rentals, Crane, Rebuild Materials and field materials.

B.    FMDK Technologies, Inc. (FMDK) has based this work scope, crew size and schedule predicated upon the following:

·        Outage time for the Second Field’s Rebuild is to be 23 consecutive days, 20 working days.

·        Mobilization time is 5 days ahead of the Outage to receive materials and stage equipment.

·        Cleaning of the Precipitator Internal surfaces and hopper evacuation will be by Client and is scheduled by this work scope to be completed ahead of the Rebuild activities.  Water washing is requested for Fields 1, 2, 3 and 4.

C.    FMDK will provide full time Technical Services (one man) for the duration of the project.

Merlin® Controls -  FMDK Technologies, Inc.