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Temp Switching


Custom Software

FMDK encourages our client's to tailor their controls system beyond the regular capabilities of the Merlin II® Central Management System. (See CMS Brochure) Our exclusive WIN-CMS software can be customized to suit most plant requirements and be displayed and/or controlled from the PC. Examples of some recent client specific software:

Fuel Switching

For Boiler startups, low load, and fuel delivery problems switching from Coal to Oil firing was commonplace for this and many other clients. The ash properties of the Oil ash differs greatly from that of Coal and the plant manually switched the "on-board" Merlin II® AHVC Parameter List from the keypad for each controller. (There are 6 independent "on-board Parameter Lists available from each Merlin II® AHVC, See AHVC Brochure) Although an easy process from the AHVC requiring only a few simple keypad inputs, the plant desired to have all controllers switched at once easily from the PC in the main control room. Our WIN-CMS software was modified to integrate this requirement with a "pull-down" menu with a simple click of the mouse. This "change fuel command" was sent to all AHVC's simultaneously and the "on-board" list was switched. On the PC screen the control room operators viewed "Oil Firing" knowing that the ESP system was accommodating the fuel switch. Changing back to Coal was just as easy and displayed "Coal Firing" on the screen.

Temperature Switching

In this instance the client starts the Boiler on Gas prior to Coal firing. As with Fuel Switching, the AHVC lists were pre-programmed at the keypads to accommodate the startup condition and prevent nuisance trip-outs due to high moisture/low temperatures in the Precipitator. The plant desired to have capabilities to automatically or manually change the AHVC Parameter lists from the PC. Our upgraded WIN-CMS software accommodated this from the Merlin II® Data Highway Distributor with existing plant temperature inputs. The pull-down menu displayed an automatic and manual temperature selection with a bandwidth range displayed.

Additional Custom WIN-CMS Software

  • Air-Load Testing
  • Flue Gas Conditioning Feedback
  • Rapping Fuel Changes
  • Rapid Rap-down

We encourage our customers to customize their software to work well with specific plant needs.

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