Process Controls

Merlin® Controls has been providing embedded microprocessor process control systems since 1985. If you have a requirement for more than 5 similar controls a year, we can save you programming and design monies. FMDK can offer software and hardware development based on yearly commitments. Private labeling is also fully supported. Control panel assembly and final test may be maintained at your facility or we can provide the complete package. Our expertise allows us to be very competitive with small system requirements.

Control Experience

Water Treatment

  • Demineralizer Cation and Anion
  • PH treatment
  • Softener
  • Filters


  • Ash handling
  • Ash handling shuttle control
  • Light Rail hydraulic brakes
  • Reverse air bag house control
  • Pulse jet bag house control
  • Ventilation and heating control
  • Salt spreader hydraulic control

High Voltage

  • Thyristor control of 80kW transformer rectifier producing 45 kV to 100 kV


  • S03 production from sulfur

  • Scrubber SO2 removal

  • Magnetic Impact Rapper Control

  • Glyxol Production

Data Management

  • Data acquisition and reporting for up to 112 independent controls.


  • 100kW thyristor based three phase heater control.

PC Based Management

  • PC control, monitoring and reporting software.

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