FMDK provides product support for all Merlin® equipment produced since 1976 including repairs, replacement parts, direct replacement upgrades and complete field technical services.

Products Supported

Merlin I® and Merlin II® Control Systems

Stocking Boards, Displays, Metal Products, Transformers and Relay's, etc.

In-house Repairs, Diagnostics, Testing and Setup

"In-Kind" Replacement and Upgrade Systems

An example:

A client discusses with FMDK replacing their control system on two ESP's. The presented information included one ESP with air rappers and the second with a mix of electric vibrators and electro-magnetic rappers in addition to AHVC's. All of these Merlin® controls were required to be controlled from a PC in the plant's control room. FMDK assessed the request and provided replacement AHVC's, SCR's, etc. in custom cabinets, Integrated Rapper Controls (to address the mix of rappers), a Data Highway Distributor, a Central Management System complete with WIN-CMS software, installation supervision and startup services. This fast track project was installed on time and budget with a successful startup resulting in lower emissions at higher steam loads.

An example:

A client contacted FMDK after their Merlin I® AHVC System was badly damaged and in need of a quick turnaround to place the equipment back in service. One of the viable options proposed was "Replacement In-Kind" of their existing system. This option was selected by the plant as the most cost effective solution to their problem. FMDK quickly assembled and shipped the system to suit the turnaround required.


Technical Support

  • Telephone support with real technicians

  • Remote Diagnostics available

  • Field Technical Services with knowledgeable personnel for quick response

Testing facilities configured to completely run each type of board.

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