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Tired of standing on the Precipitator roof waiting for your rapper?

Tired of fishing for that faulty rapper?

Merlin Controls introduces an economical rapper indicator.

"Catch a RAP"

  • Indicator Pops Up when the rapper has operated
  • Indicator is adjustable for rapper intensity
  • Magnetic Base for easy placement

The catch has only a few easy set up steps:

  • Sensitivity of the Catch a RAP is set via the screw on top
  • The "tip-up" of the Catch a RAP is pushed down (set)
  • The catch a RAP is placed magnetically on top of a rapper

The Catch a RAP will indicate if the rapper fires.

Setting the rap sensitivity:

Setting the indicator down (set):

Place the Catch a RAP on Rapper:

Extended Indicator displays the results:

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