Precipitator Spare/Replacement Parts

In addition to controls, FMDK Technologies can supply Precipitator Spare and Replacement parts as follows:

  • Contactors: Sizes 1 through 5 with and without thermal overloads by ABB, Siemans or others.
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Blast Heaters: Penthouse Ventilation Blast Heaters
  • SCR Assemblies and Components: Fully assembled and shop tested SCR Assemblies, “Hockey Pucks” and Snubber assemblies.
  • Secondary Voltage Dividers: New and replacement 80 meg-ohm that are easily installed in existing buss ducts.
  • Rappers: Replacement Coils “Copper Wound” for BELCO MIGR Rappers, 120 V and 240 V High Intensity replacements for the BELCO shaft mount design and other OEM style “all thread” mounted applications.

Fax us your Spare Parts Lists for current pricing, we have blanket orders with several major manufacturers, which allows us to supply replacement parts at a considerable cost savings.

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