Integrated Rapper Controls

Rapper control and effective cleaning are critical in optimizing electrostatic precipitator performance in today’s environment. The Merlin II® Rapper Control provides easy to use, fully automatic operation for Rappers and other cleaning devices on all precipitators. A single control can be used with up to 256 Rappers. On larger applications, controls are integrated in a modular system with each control providing reliable stand alone operation. A communications link between each unit sets up an anti-coincidence feature to eliminate the possibility of having more than one Rapper fire at a time. Our modular approach also provides a safe guard not found on systems that use a single control to handle all the rapping functions for an entire precipitator. Shutting down a single Merlin II® control only shuts down the Rappers connected, all precipitator rapping does not stop.

To provide great flexibility in operating up to 256 Rappers, each Merlin II® can be configured with up to 24 separate operating groups, each containing 1-16 Rappers. Assignment of Rappers to groups is software based and fully independent of the Rapper field wiring locations. This allows ease of configuration and virtually infinite Rapper groupings even after installation. Optimized operation is provided with the following programmed settings:

  • Software Rapper Groupings (1-24 groups with 1-16 Rappers per group)
  • Round Trip Times (by group 1 to 4000min)
  • Time Between Raps (by group 1 to 4000min)
  • Rapper Intensity (by group - 0 to 100%)
  • Multiple rapping of Rappers (by group)
  • Five separate "on-board" rapping programs  & "on-board" global configuration
  • Enable/Disable specific Rappers

Operation is fully automatic with the push of a button. The control contains five independent lists of parameters enabling either automatic or manual changes of operating sequences. These lists can be used to change operation of the control based on the time of day, boiler load, opacity, and other criteria. A sixth independent list of parameters used only to configure the control by setting global operating parameters and assigning Rapper groupings that are used for operation. All programming is user programmable and protected by security codes with multiple levels of access.

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