Repair / Refurbish Parts List

Following Parts have repair services available.  Repaired to OEM Specifications (Original Belco Personnel and Equipment)

 Most parts are available in stock for same day shipment (If ordered before 2:00pm EST).

Items sent for repair are usually turned around very quickly and rush service is available.

Call for pricing and availability: 201-828-9822

Parts available in New and Refurbished:

Item  Description 
  CMS Program (Merlin AHVC) Central Management System Software Win 95 / NT Y2K Compatible
  CMS Program (Ram) CMS PROGRAM for Operation with Ram system no graphics
  CMS Program (Ram) CMS Program for operation with Ram Site specific graphics
  DCS Program  Programs or I/o lists for DCS interface        No Hardware List Only
  MAS Single Merlin II CMS software for single control  Generic
  A5B1267A00 Snubber SCR Assembly
  A5B3032A00 Voltage Divider 80 Megohm (Revised new resistors)
  RMOXHV106R Resistor MOX 5-12, Silicon, wire lead 5% 10 meg ohm
  A5B3067A01 SCR Assembly electrically isolated with snubber, over temp switch and plug.
  A5B3067A02 SCR Assy A5B3067A01with Mounting Plate for replacement of Rear Assy
  A5B3067A03 SCR Assembly electric isolated with Fan, Snubber, OT Switch and Plug
  A5B3066D SCR Adaptor Plate per Dwg A5B3066D  Aluminum with Gold Irridate Finish
AC-6109-WD Black Yellow leads 120 volt coil,  internal diodes  alum Belco Replacement Coil
AC-6109-ND Black Yellow leads 120 volt coil,  No diodes  alum Belco Replacement Coil
  RMIG50CUND          Rapp Coil Cylindrical Org / Red copper Belco Replace no diodes
  RMIG50CUWD Rapper Coil Cylindrical 120 volt copper Belco Replace with diodes
  CM8098 Minature Incandescent Lamp Merlin I key
  Pent Vent Heater Pent Vent Heater 99 KW  or 50 Kw 
  G95015 Hockey Puck 1600 V 950 Amp
  IRKT162-14 SCR Assembly
  MSA7114A00 Diode Isolation BlocK
  MSA7115B00 Diode Isolation Junction Box
  MSB7720A00 MSB7720A00 High Voltage EDV Current Limiting Resistor Assembly
  MU2A1 Fan Rotron
  Pent Vent Fan Pent House Vent Set Fan BM10061-15A
  RPC4058A00 RPC4058A00 Connector Male Plug hood coupler  with diodes
  TPS205F Temperature Switch Normally Closed open on temp. SCR Assembly Over Temp
  K60040022A3 Contactor 90 KW with N.O and N.C Aux Contacts
  K600NEM5 Nema 5 Contactor
  K240012SSTAB Solid State Relay, Tab connections (West ESP Controls)
  K240241PL6 Rapper Integrated Output Relay for MSB7801 Plug In I/O
  K24001020PA2 Rapper Merlin II Not Integrated Power Relay
  670 125 Relay Socket for Merlin II Rapper Power Relay Above
  K240SSR1 Integrated Rapper Mother Board SCR Module
  DROAC Relay Track Mount 120 Vac, 32 VDC 
Transformers and Power Supplies    
  A5B1148B00 Isolation Transformer T-8 500 VA Rapper xformer Ph 1 and 2 psc
  A5B1148B01 Isolation Transformer T-8 1000 VA Rapper xformer Rapper Controls
  A5B1150-A-00 Transformer Square D 9070T200D1 480 to 120, 200 VA
  A5B1151A00 480 to 10 volt 25 VA xformer T-1, T-2, T-3 All hv controls except integrated
  A5B1153A01  Transformer T-7 SCR Gate Supply  T-7 all hv control except integrated
  A5B1236B 480 Volt Xformer LV supply Merlin PSC T-6, all Merlin I PSC's
  A5B1259A00 250 to 5 Current xformer  All high voltage controls, M1, M2 and Integrated
  MST7047B00 Transformer Rapper Merlin II LV Supply, T-6 Merlin II
  PSH2412A Power supply 24V 1.2A HB24-1.2A
Merlin  I    
  A5B1265A00 PSC Rack Regulator assembly
  A5B1005A04 SCR Drive Board Merlin I
  A5B1017A03 Merlin I Address Select Board
  A5B1033A07 Merlin I Analog Interface Assy
  A5B1037A02 A/D Converter Board
  A5B1051A04 Oscillator Board Merlin I
  A5B1063A06 Merlin I Display 8 Button
  A5B1063A07 Merlin I Display 4 Button
  A5B1071A04 TTY/ Alarm  Board
  A5B1082A03 Rapper Alarm Interface Board
  A5B1090A03 Merlin I Rapper Alarm Drive Board
  A5B1095A02 Rapper Return Board Merlin I
  A5B1099A01 Rapper Feed Board Merlin I
  A5B1104A02 Alarm Relay Board 8 relays
  A5B1117A05 Merlin I PSC Mother Board Assy
  A5B1123S04 PSC Rack Complete     quote for repair of 2 defective boards in rack
  A5B1145A02 Metering Shunt Board
  A5B1187A00 Rapper Motor Drive Board
  A5B1206 Display Extender Cable
  A5B1209A01 SCR Gate Board Assembly
  MSB71209A00 SCR Gate Board Assembly New replaces A5B1209A01
  A5B1241A00 Microprocessor Board
  A5B1246A00 Relay Drive Board
  A5B3000-A-00 Merlin I Combo Mother board
  A5B3005-02R Merlin I Memory Bd Refurbished
  A5B3008A00 Merlin I Rack with boards
  A5B3022A00 Triple Relay Board
  A5B3045A00/01 Memory Board Merlin I
  BLA-7, BLB, BLG, BLR Merlin I Switch cover lighted buttons in colors
  T5BMNO Switch old Merlin 1 Key pad
  T5LMNO Switch old Merlin 1 lighted push button
  CM8098 Minature bulb CM8098 for Push Buttons
Merlin II Merl II Spare  
  CA17126 Rapper Control Transition to Drive Bd Cable 22 pin with 22pin edge connectors
  I2816A299 EEROM U37 Std Par
  IDQ2764-20 UV Prom Programmed for  set of 2 proms Site Replacement Prog
  HV504Prog Prom Program Upgrade Rev 5.04 HV with Sect 4 Manual
  HV504Prog UV Prom Program Upgrade Rev 5.04 HV No documentation
  IDS1216E Clock IC U51 Rapper Control
  MCA7509B00 "Cable Assembly 24" P9 18 Pin"
  MSA7002A01 Merlin II Display  No Keypad
  MSB7702A00 Merlin II Display, replaces MSA7002, display dim and com message
    Order Keypad separately
  MSA7006A00 Merlin II Microprocessor Board
  MSA7014B00 Merlin II Keyboard Panel
  MSA7035A00 Diode Isolation Board
  MSA7063A00 Merlin  II Service Display Module in Box with handle
  MSA7067A00 Merlin II MP Rack , all boards
  MSA7084 Merlin II Backplane Board
  MSB7094A00 Merlin II Rapper Transition Board
  MSB71209A00 SCR Gate Board Assembly New replaces A5B1209A01
  MSB7404A00 MII Integrated AHVC Mother Board, Power Distribution Board
  MSB7406A00 MII Integrated Extender Board
  MSB7407SUB Integrated High Voltage Control Sub Assy( No display or keypad )
  MSB7700A00 Merlin II EDV HV Control Chassis
  MSB7800A00 Merlin II Integrated Rapper control Mother Board
  MSB7801A00 Merlin II Rapper Integrated I/O Board with I/O Modules
  MSB7801A01 Merlin II Rapper Integrated I/O Board No I/O Modules
  MSB7804SUB Merlin II Rapper Integrated Sub Assembly, MP and Power Board on plate
  MSB7900A00 Merlin II DHD Integrated Mother Board   SSDHD
  Labor Special Make 2 boards into and Integrated with cables and extenders
  MSB7475A00 RAM Board , Universal Data Acquisition Module
Fuses Fuses  
  F2025AC Fuse Red 1/2 amp Merlin Board
  F20330A2 Fuse 3 amp blue  Merlin Board
  FABC008A2 Fuse 8 amp Rapper Control ABC type Merlin II Rapper and Type II
  FABC010A2 Fuse 10 amp  Rapper Control ABC type Merlin II Rapper and Type II
  FABC012A2 Fuse 12 amp  Rapper Control ABC type Merlin II Rapper and Type II
  FAGC002A2 Fuse 2 amp AGC
Systems Control Systems Check qty discount on control systems, this is 1 pc spare price
  MSB7407A00 MII Integrated AHVC Controller with Display, Key pad & Key mtg plate
  MSB7804A00 Integrated Rapper Control Double 256 rappers Double I/O with supply xf
  MSB7804A01 Integrated Rapper Control Single , 64 rappers with supply xformer
  MSB7092A00 Rapper Control Chassis Merlin II Single 4008 drive board
  SSDHD1PCCAB Small System DHD Single CMU No DCS interface in Cabinet 30x24
  SSDHD3PCCAB Small System DHD 3 PC or DCS Interface Port in Cabinet 30 x 24
Opto Opto Boards  
  OPB1 Opto B1 board digital
  OPB16HC OPPB16HC Opto 22 16 point digital mother board
  OPB2 Opto 22 B2 Brain board Analog
  OPB16HCT Opto 22 Analog Mother Board 16 point
  OPDA3 D/A modules opto 22
  OPAD3 A/D modules opto 22
Rap Type III    
  CA17126 Cable 20 conductor
  RPC4002A04 Mark III Rapper Microprocessor Board
  RPC4008A00 Rapper Merlin II and Mark III Drive Board
  RPC4012A00  Merlin II Rapper Motor Drive or Vibrator
  RPC4051A00 Serial Adapter Board  may be listed as 4049
  RPC4056A00 Output Extender Card
  RPC4057A00 Rapper Quick Disconnect with Diodes







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