Name: Randy Vaughn

Location: High Springs, Florida

"I have had lifted 4-wheel drives for years and this is the 1st speed correction device ever used. I feel I made the right choice in using the Speed Wizard. With the ease of installation, simple calibration and terrific customer service, I can not see where it could be any better. It is a pleasure to use the speedometer the way it was intended. -Thank You- Merlin Controls."


Name:  Scott Finnessy

Location:  Chuluota, Florida

"So far this device has been perfect in my truck.  I recalibrated for 38" tires and checked it against 3 GPS units and it is working perfectly.  After this install I began to wonder how accurate some of my other vehicles were, my bone stock 2001 Chevrolet Silverado was 2 mph off at 50mph when I used the 3 same GPS units.

The Speed Wizard has worked perfectly in my 2004 F350 PowerStroke Diesel with 38" tires.  The installation was very simple and the setup was very straight forward.  This device can be installed by anyone that has a general knowledge of wiring and their vehicle.  I have checked and rechecked my Speed Wizard and it is still 100% as accurate as the day I installed it! "

Name: Geoff Lancaster

Location: Houston, TX

"The Speed Wizard is a great product. The install was easy and the customer service was exceptional. It took literally no time to calibrate the speed wizard since you can see it on the speedometer and do not have to rely on turning a screw. Overall, it is a great product that I would recommend to anyone who has bigger tires! "

Name: Jay Myers

Location: Highlands, NJ

"I have never in my entire life experienced better customer service"

The inventor came down from about 2 hours drive away and installed it on my truck for me, and configured it. So far the Speed Wizard has been working great, never a problem. In a world where larger companies care about their customers less and less, it was refreshing to have somebody like Ken from Merlin Controls show me once again what customer support was really all about. If only all the other companies out there could have this kind of service, and a great product as well. The ease of use, and calibration procedure is very easy, there's no way to mess it up, and since its done while you're parked, its not dangerous either."

  Name: Chad Hofer

Location: Bridgewater, SD 

"Wow, I must say you have some of the best customer service! You don't find that much anymore, companies just want to sell and not stand behind their product."

"Great instructions. Excellent customer service. Easy to install. Easy to use. Works great."

Name: Carl Hemnes

Location: Corvallis, OR

"No complaints. It works great! I tracked it over 140 miles last week and it was only off by about two miles and I only quickly calibrated it."

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