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Speed Wizard

Correct your speedometer after changing tire size


When tire size or gear ratio is modified, the speedometer on the vehicle will read incorrectly. When a vehicle's speedometer is in error, so is the odometer reading. This situation may lead to missing scheduled maintenance and even worse, traffic violations.


  • The Speed Wizard solves this problem by conditioning the speedometer signal to the correct counts per MPH. 

  • Adjustment of the speed wizard requires very little time to correct for a change. 

  • Adjustment uses the vehicle speedometer as an indication tool.

  • All of this can be accomplished while parked.




  • Does not interfere with ABS control or other onboard electrical systems.
  • Verification of speed correction when parked, by viewing the old and new speed on the speedometer.
  • Settings may be saved numerous times.
  • Simple correction techniques, by using two push buttons.
  • No trim potentiometers (mechanical screws) to get dirty or wear out.


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How Speed Wizard was Born

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Download Detailed 99-04 Install Guide

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Download Detailed Wiring Diagram 05 - 08

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Video of Adjustment

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