Automatic High Voltage Controls

Merlin II® Automatic High Voltage Controls (AHVC) provides state of the art control and optimized performance for precipitator high voltage systems. Each control is designed for use on an individual T-R system incorporating a transformer/rectifier (T-R), current limiting reactor (CLR), and silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) assembly. Our AHVC can be supplied complete with these items or configured for use with existing system components.

The Merlin II® AHVC is adaptable to the many conditions encountered in precipitator operation. The flexibility of operator programming allows for changes to accommodate a variety of complex operating conditions. With this capability, the operator need only set the desired control criteria such as voltage and current limit adjustments; Merlin II® automatically does the rest, maintaining the maximum power levels to the precipitator.

Optimizes ESP Performance
  • Fully Automatic High Voltage Control
  • Spark Prediction and Avoidance
  • Spark Detection and Recovery
  • Back Corona Prevention
  • Energy Management System

The magic of these features lies in Merlin II's® ability to monitor and analyze 3072 data points during each 60 Hz line cycle. This extraordinary power senses and trends the intricacies of the precipitator's operation to determine if pre- cursors to sparks, back corona or resistivity changes are present. Merlin II® automatically reacts to maintain peak precipitator performance under these conditions.

To provide the greatest flexibility in optimizing performance, the control contains 6 independent "on-board lists" of parameters. Each list is fully user programmable and allows operation to be switched automatically or manually as desired. All programming is security code protected with multiple levels of access to ensure protection.

Dynamic VI curves:

VI (Voltage to current) Curves are very important when dealing with precipitators. These values help the user decide if they are near the spark threshold, if back corona is present and if the system is running to its best possible collection rate.




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